Thursday, May 23, 2019

Scenes From Childhood

Summer is unofficially here and we're almost done with school, which means of course it's time for adventures!

Here are a few pictures to update.  Thomas' First Communion day was so special!

Actually, I am awful at getting good pictures since I never carry a camera with me when we go out places.  Oh well, I can only try to do better, right?

It's a good thing they are both so easy going!

We love to be outside taking "breaks" from school.

Oliver tells his dog multiple times a day, "I love you, Hank!"  It's the sweetest!

Henry finally napping after weeks of teething.  Can you appreciate this moment?  He is the most attached baby I have ever had, but also the most expressive and the most joyful...

I had to show this one of Beatrice and Rebecca on Lady day!

Monday, May 20, 2019

A Thing of Beauty


How beautiful was Lady Gabriella Windsor's wedding?  Royal weddings are so powerfully representative of Catholic spirit- even when they are not Catholic.  I really enjoyed seeing it this weekend and decided to share just in case you all didn't get to read up on it and see the details.

Following excerpt is from msn link found here:
"For her happy day, Lady Gabriella wore a stunning lace wedding dress with a bespoke design by Luisa Beccaria. The blush gown, which was embroidered with flowers and embellishments, got its color from all the layers of tulle and organdy beneath the lace, which created the body of the gown. Her romantic veil was also made from layers of tulle and covered with embroidered flowers.  
In a sweet nod to family tradition, she also wore a Russian Fringe style diamond tiara, which was also worn by her grandmother, HRH Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, and her mother, HRH Princess Michael of Kent, on their wedding days."

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Catholic Lady

Monet, "Garden at Sainte-Andresse"

Hello blogger land!  Is anyone still out there?

I know it has been a long time!  And you may notice that I'm starting with a clean slate.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to delete the spam all over my previous posts.

I will add some family updates this week for those of you who are interested.

Anyway, feminism is infecting the world and popular opinion more than ever before.  I am angry to see so many lies being spread and sad to see lives being destroyed because of them.

Lives are literally being destroyed by abortion!

Yes there have been victories like in Alabama.  But what about this hateful spirit of feminism that infiltrates everything?

And what about the other victims: men?  For the past few years we have been conditioned to think that men are intrinsically flawed and that they are our constant oppressors.  Yet we ALL have Original Sin, so in a sense we are all flawed.  It is incredibly unfair to blame the problems of the world only on men.

Feminism makes women into its priests; we sacrifice our children on its altars.  And then we relish the equality gained by such horrific means.

How fascinating that the representative nature of motherhood is hated so much by the Revolution.  Hierarchies and truths must be abolished, especially within the family.  Sadly, the Church is not excluded.  The chaos predicted at Fatima a century ago is surely coming to pass.

Notre-Dame, a symbol of civilization has been badly damaged by fire.  How much grace and beauty has been lost?

That is why I will continue to write this blog.  To oppose feminist anarchy with as much hatred as I can put into words and to express fidelity and love for the Catholic Church and for Christian civilization.

Thank you for visiting!