Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Hats

Hats are very civilized.  Animals have no idea about them and little children find them amusing.  Hats are for the virtuous.  They are for those who observe the respectful etiquette of covering the head.  They are for men who wish to respectfully have something to remove in Church.
I have always loved hats since I was young.  They can be so pretty and elegant and they can add class to any outfit!  Even though people really don't wear hats that much anymore, Easter is an occasion to do so!
My Easter hat this year is white with a feather and a bow.  I found it at Kmart (of all places) and thought immediately how it would complement my dress! (Pictures to come.)  It is possible to find pretty hats around Easter at most department stores.  Another option is to make your own hat which can be fun but more expensive.
The point is to take advantage of this opportunity when it is socially acceptable to wear a hat!  I love it and I'm sure the experience will make you love it too!

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