Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grace Kelly Style

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monoco on their wedding day
  There is something surreal about a woman who can exhibit coolness and nobility in her very gaze.  Grace Kelly had this ability and a composure that fascinated Hollywood, America and finally Prince Rainer of Monoco.  I love the fashion of the 1950's and Grace Kelly seemed to perfect that fashion.  She wore everything with dignity and I especially love the design of her wedding dress.  She always wore hats and white gloves to go out and loved shoes!  Although I can't recommend all her movies, I am impressed with her decision to marry a prince of the Catholic Church in exchange for her glamorous career.  After her marriage, Grace became a real figure in European social life and certainly felt greater pressure than she ever had before to live up to her name!  She acted as perfectly as ever, though, always dressed for the occasion and with something appropriate to say.  Her manner says much for the disciplined lady she was.

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