Monday, March 18, 2013

High Heels

I love high heels!  I didn't used to wear them much though because they make me so tall!  I am 5'6" to begin with and after adding a two or three inch heel I stand face to face with most men!  I never liked that and so I usually wore flat shoes.  After watching I Love Lucy and reading about some other tall 50's ladies who wore high shoes, I decided that this is a poor excuse to avoid them!  So, to summarize, I am now in LOVE with high heels!
Wearing high heels makes me feel like a real lady.  They make me more careful of my movements and add grace to vacuuming the rug or bending down to pick up a baby!  Even when I sit it feels elegant to tuck my pretty shoes against the chair.
High heels are also extremely civilized!  They were worn for centuries by queens and princesses and great ladies to complement beautiful outfits.  There is so much to appreciate about high heels and I'm glad that I need no longer neglect them!


  1. hmm...I like the *idea* of high heels, but I find them extremely uncomfortable. Also, I wear size 11, which is not only difficult to find, but also...the shoes tend to look huge, unladylike, and clownish :-(

  2. I agree with you that they're uncomfortable; I only wear high heels to dress up and usually revert to flats during day...


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