Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Catholic Lady

The Catholic Lady blog is for women who love all things feminine, beautiful and elegant!  It is also a place to fight the lies of feminism, immodesty, and communism.  I am very excited for this blog and imagine many places it can go!  There are so many great ladies to learn about, old tricks to learn, and ladylike ways to perfect!  Our Lady Seat of Wisdom is my patroness in this apostolate.
The Catholic Lady used to be a monthly e-newsletter, so to my faithful readers, I hope you enjoy the adjustment!
I welcome new writers and guest articles so please contact me if you are interested in becoming a writer for The Catholic Lady at


  1. Although I am not Catholic, I do look forward to more on this blog. I love the way it portrays elegance and beauty. There should be more of this these days!

    Found you through the modest mom link up.



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