Monday, April 29, 2013

A Weekend in Feminine Dress

For A Weekend in Feminine Dress I post pictures of my outfit (or a friend's outfit) that I take sometime over the weekend to encourage other women to dress like a Catholic lady!  I'm also posting where the outfit was purchased to hopefully give you some ideas for finding modest clothes!
I'm sorry about the poor quality of the pictures today.  I did not take them until late and it was raining outside so we had to stay indoors and out messy house is somewhat visible in the background. 

I wore a pink floral skirt with a pink top.

I also wore a black raincoat that I found at Gabriel Brothers for $12!



I'm Wearing:
Pink shirt from Goodwill
Pink floral skirt from thrift store
Black shoes from thrift store
Black raincoat from Gabriel Brothers
Earrings from Claire's


  1. I just found this blog today. Even though I am 57, I try to dress in a feminine manner quite often. I will continue to read your excellent articles!


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