Sunday, April 14, 2013

On Prudence

*Below is a guest post from my friend, 'Lady Virtue'!  She has agreed to write monthly on a select virtue for The Catholic Lady.*

Prudence means having good judgment or wise thinking before acting.  It means taking a good look at my thoughts, words and actions to be sure they are balanced, sincere and right before Our Lord before I act on them.  Should I persist in these anxious thoughts about the future or should I put my future in God's hands and trust in Him that the grace will be there when I need it?  Should I tell this person some gossip I just overheard about someone else (even if it is true) or should I keep quiet since it might ruin their reputation?  Should I spend this free time relaxing to recoup my energy or should I push forward to finish my "to do" list and become more stressed and show it by being impatient with my family?
Prudence also means avoiding excesses in thought, word and deed.   Should I keep dwelling on the hurtful words someone said to me and rehash them over and over in my head and let it bring me down, or should I ask God for the grace to forgive the person and make a decision to move on?  Should I continue to be overly patient with someone's sinful habit, or should I courageously speak the truth to them in love?  Should I love my child to excess and let him do whatever he wants, or should I say "no" at the right time and gently discipline him?
Prudence overseas the other virtues.  Like a soldier guarding a fort from the enemy, prudence stands guard over my soul and helps it choose right motives and actions.
Scripture has much to speak to us about Prudence.  Proverbs has many verses on it.  Here are two examples.  "A fool despises his father's instructions but he who heeds admonition is prudent."  Prov. 15:5  "A prudent man sees danger and hides himself; but the simple go on and suffer for it.  Prov. 27:12  And one from James - "Let every man be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger."  James 1:19
Ladies, let us in this month of April, choose to practice praying for the virtue of prudence and choose to practice it in our daily thoughts, words and deeds.

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