Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Wear Skirts

My attempt to dress modestly at five months pregnant!

The body and soul are not separate.  Therefore, how one dresses and behaves is directly proportionate to the state of one's soul.  Wearing skirts for a woman influences her soul to become feminine, like God made her.  It brings her contentment.  A second reason to wear skirts is to be modest before God and others.  It is necessary for us with original sin to wear clothing that will prevent sins of impurity.  The final reason to wear skirts is to counter the revolution of fashion.  Women today wear such provocative or unisex clothing that it is shocking to see a lady dressed in a modest, feminine manner.  This shock is good for society and helps people to see the drastic and good change that a return to order will bring.  Think of things being themselves in a healthy, wholesome way.  The true Catholic Lady is a mover of society.


  1. Here are some thoughts on this subject which I wrote about a year ago (I'm still not entirely "sold" on the modesty part, but I'm definitely with you on the femininity!):

  2. You have made some very good points and said them very well! I have always worn skirts and have always loved the fact that I do, because God made me a girl, not a boy! And I have always thought it important to dress in a feminine fashion. If God told the Israelites that the women should not put on a man's apparel, I have a feeling He still feels that way today.
    My mother taught me this, and her mother taught the same to her. I have taught my daughter this and she is teaching her daughter the same thing. Being a lady is a beautiful thing and one cannot be a lady and show off cleavage, midriff or thighs. A lady considers the people around her, and not being provocative in dress is appreciated by good men and good women. Keep up the good work!


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