Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Four Temperaments

I recently purchased this book and have been enjoying it ever since!  The four temperaments are one of my favorite topics!  The four temperaments were developed by medieval philosophers and are based on ancient thought.  Many saints knew their temperament and were able to perfect it.  The temperaments include choleric, melancholic, sanguine, and phlegmatic.  A brief description of each:

Choleric- Extravert, man of action, strong-willed, leader, expressive, loves debate, confident, impatient, makes decisions based on will

Melancholic- Introvert, thinker, analytical, critical, sensitive, idealistic, moody, deep, makes decisions based on ideas

Sanguine- Extravert, fun-loving, lots of friends, life of the party, loves variety, prone to vanity, makes decisions based on people

Phlegmatic- Introvert, diplomatic, peaceful, methodical, calm under pressure, loyal, dependable, peacemaker, likes structure, dry wit, makes decisions based on feelings

My main temperament is melancholic; it's really helpful for me to know this.  Before I knew about the temperament I tended to worry and over-criticize a lot more than I do now! 

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  1. Hi Colette--I have this book, too. It is very helpful.


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