Monday, May 20, 2013

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

 For A Weekend in Feminine Dress I post pictures of my outfit (or a friend's outfit) that I take sometime over the weekend to encourage other women to dress like a Catholic lady!  I'm also posting where the outfit was purchased to hopefully give you some ideas for finding modest clothes!
Yesterday was beautiful weather; I think it reached 80 degrees in the afternoon.  I took some pictures of my daughter, Beatrice for this post too!
Beatrice in her Sunday best.
We took these pictures on our front porch.  I am wearing a simple skirt, top and sweater outfit!  How I wish I could wear dresses again, but I am still in a plight that only nursing mothers understand.
My hair is pinned back and I am wearing black and silver earrings and necklace and also a pearl bracelet.
I'm Wearing:
Cream shirt from New York and Co.
Black cardigan from Gabriel Brothers
Floral skirt from Goodwill
Bracelet as a gift
Necklace from Gabriel Brothers
Earrings from Consignment Store
Black Flats from Burlington Coat Factory
Beatrice is Wearing:
A white and pink smocked dress, second hand from my youngest sister

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  1. Ah yes. I too fear that I will never wear a dress again! By the time I'm done being pregnant or nursing, I doubt any of them will still fit me :-)


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