Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

For A Weekend in Feminine Dress I post pictures of my outfit (or a friend's outfit) that I take sometime over the weekend to encourage other women to dress like a Catholic lady!  I'm also posting where the outfit was purchased to hopefully give you some ideas for finding modest clothes!
It was actually cool here yesterday so I wore a sweater with my outfit.


Yes, I know my hair is messy.


Necklace, headband, bracelet and earrings

Skirt, a thrift store find originally from White House Black Market!
I'm Wearing:
Floral Blouse from Consignment Store
Black Skirt from Goodwill (White House Black Market!)
White Sweater from my sister from Thrift Store
Black Shoes from Thrift Store
Necklace from Gabriel Brothers
Bracelets from Claire's and my Mom
Earrings from my sister-in-law from England!
Headband from Claire's


  1. Did you guys grow up shopping at thrift stores, or is it only something you discovered on your own later in life? For me, it was the latter.

    1. Yes, we were fortunate enough to have a thrifty mom! My mom still finds amazing things at thrift stores even though she doesn't have to shop there to save money!

  2. Your outfit looks very nice and feminine!!

    Yay for Goodwill, I love it!!

    PS: Found you via Modest Mondays :)

  3. Your outfit is lovely. I like shopping at thrift stores-always find something for me or one of the boys.


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