Friday, May 31, 2013

June: A Week In Feminine Dress Month

"Feminine Dress" doesn't have to be difficult- try dressing up your
normal skirts and tops with cardigans, belts and jewelry!

Don't forget, ladies, that June begins the "Week In Feminine Dress" challenge!  I will be posting pictures of seven days of feminine outfits at intervals throughout the month!  Please contribute with your very own "Week In Feminine Dress".  It is not at all difficult to take pictures of your outfit every day for a week!  Send your photos to me at:!



  1. Do you have air conditioning? We don't, and I'm sitting here sweating and looking at this picture thinking "ahhh - there is NO way I'm going anywhere near a cardigan right now!"

    1. This was taken a few weeks ago when it was cold. We have air conditioning now but did not for the past few years... During the day I definitely removed layers. I try to dress up more though when I go out (to air conditioned places of course!).

    2. Ok...kinda jealous about the air conditioning! haha. But I do something similar. On the sweltering days, around the house I sometimes wear...well, fairly immodest clothing (shorts and a tank top). But I definitely change if I'm going out. I really don't understand how women used to wear as much clothing as they did, all year round. Our house is not constructed well at all for dealing with the heat...but it's also over a hundred years old. I KNOW the women who used to live here surely wore much more clothing than I can handle on those hot days! Maybe you just get used to it?


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