Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Modest Clothing Resources

I know I promised this long ago.  Here is the result!

Modest Clothing Resources:

Skirts and Dresses:

1. Thrift and Consignment Stores!  Ladies who dress modestly will agree that thrift stores are the number one place to find long skirts and dresses and modest tops that have more recently gone out of fashion!  Goodwill is THE place to start.

2.  Ebay and Etsy ( and are the places to shop online if you're looking for something specific such as a special occasion outfit or maternity skirt.

3. I have ordered skirts from Chadwicks who is one of the only stores that consistently has long skirts for reasonable prices (on clearance!)  There are so many online stores that sell "modest dresses" too, but I usually find them too short or low-cut to be worth the price.

4. Sewing!  I watch for pattern sales at JoAnns during holidays.  Skirt patterns on sale are between $1-$3!

4. Don't forget The Catholic Lady skirt shop is opening soon with our line of summer skirts for ladies, maternity, girls, and babies!  Make sure to check the blog often for updates!


1. Thrift and Consignment!  Tops are usually pretty easy to find second hand.

1. On Clearance!  I get most of my tops at Burlington Coat Factory, Gabriel Brothers, Dress Barn, New York and Co, Ann Taylor Loft, Kohl's, Target, etc.  Modest sweaters are easier to find in the winter than modest summer tops.  When I find a cute summer top that I really like I wear it with a long sleeve shirt underneath or a camisole and light sweater.  There are ways to make clothes modest!

2. Sewing!  If you don't know how to sew, maybe one of your friends does!  I have a few cute top patterns that are not at all difficult and can be adjusted or altered to make the neckline modest.


1. Same with thrift and consignment since many women give away their clothes after one child!  Don't pass up the low or sleeveless tops!  Add a shirt underneath for combined modesty AND cuteness!  Alternatively wear a cami under and sweater over!  (I do this constantly toward the end of pregnancy!)

2. Look for garage and community sales.  These are the places to find gently used/new maternity clothes.

3. I was surprised that many of my regular clothes work for me for the first 5-7 months of pregnancy.  I can still wear my looser fitting tops and sweaters and squeeze into skirts that fit below the belly!  Empire waist tops and dresses are sometimes more flattering than maternity ones!

4. Alter your clothes!  Skirts can be made into maternity simply by cutting off the top at the hips and adding a 4-6in. stretchy panel taken from an old cami (found at Goodwill for $2).  This is so easy to do and you can have so many pretty maternity skirts without the price!

Girls and Babies:

1. I definitely recommend shopping second hand thrift stores and consignment.  There are so many cute girls clothes of many sizes that are barely worn or still with tags!  Girl's designer special occasion dresses can be found at consignment stores for a fraction of the new price!

2. Shop ebay and etsy!  There are tons of cute second hand or never worn girls clothes online!

3. Shop clearance!  The same stores I listed above can have the same deals for littles.

Children's consignment shopping
Do you have any more suggestions?  Feel free to add your ideas in the comments below!


  1. It's so easy to find cute feminine clothes for little girls, because they aren't yet expected to look "sexy". I eye the girls section at every store and wonder, "WHY can't they just make that exact dress in adult size?!" haha.

    I like your idea for making maternity skirts. But I've never found the need. I wear skirts throughout pregnancy, but I've never had a maternity skirt. I just have a handful that have elastic waists. A few of these are now too stretched out to wear easily as non-maternity skirts, but that's fine.

    1. Same but I find the maternity skirts with the elastic waist fit more below my belly which seems more flattering for me. I carry low so that might be why. I have wished so many times that baby dresses were in my size too!!!

  2. X Large, or even Large kids sizes fit me, and I am not tiny. Try them on! You may be surprised.


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