Sunday, May 26, 2013

Heart of the Home

Are mothers still the heart of the home?

Do they spend the majority of their time there, making home a cozy and comfortable place?  I picture the old fashioned American wife hanging out clothes on the line, canning, or weeding her vegetable garden.

Or do we have a generation of away from home mothers?  It's easy enough to see moms driving to work in the morning, driving children to school, taking their kids to sports and activities, working out at the gym, or picking up food for dinner.  Mothers at home?  Not so common.

In 1900, 6% of married women worked outside the home.  By 1998, it had increased to 61%.  Of women with children under the age of six, 12% worked outside the home in 1950 and 64% in 1998.

It's sad that women don't raise their own children anymore.  There is something about daycare and preschool that just can't compete with the organic element in the family.  And what about husbands?  Many poor men have to come home to a wife who is probably more exhausted than they are after working all day AND THEN taking care of children and housework, not to mention preparing dinner and making a comfortable setting for his arrival home.

And what about working women?  Is it really satisfying to make a salary that is mostly used for work clothes, her own car, daycare, hairdressers, eating out, and other work supplies.  Is this really satisfying to a wife and mother, the so called heart of the family?

The heart is essential.  Maybe married women should think about this more and about their role in a happy, functional family.  Women are strong, but not when they try to have feminist strength.  "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."

                            Chapter 2 chart 8


  1. It's so not worth working while someone else raises your child. For now, unfortunately, I still am a working mother, but we hope to change that sooner than later. My husband and I both agree that I need to be home with our child(ren) so we can raise them to be Godly children.

    And you are completely right, as a working mother I admit that usually I come home, exhausted from being at work, and then I take care of our daughter, the household etc. so by the time everything is done it's time to hit the pillow - not much of a family life during the week in our house.

    But if God has it in our future that I can be at home, He will show us a way.

    Thanks for the reminder, though. As mothers we should work towards being at home for our families!

  2. I love being a homemaker! It was always my dream and the deepest desire of my heart. I cannot imagine how much more exhausted I would be if I had to take a job outside of the home. I realize not every woman has that privilege, but if you can stay home, then please do so! Our children need their mothers home with them.

  3. It is proven that women are much more unhappy today than their mothers or grandmothers were. Human nature itself calls women to be mothers and guardians of the home. Women are happiest when they are supporting a man and nurturing their children.

    It is always interesting to see very great men, CEOs, presidents, kings, speak with such longings and admiration for their mothers and the home ambiance their mother created for them. No money can buy that!

    1. Very true! There are so many superficial temptations out there, it is good to recall that Christian family life is the really secure, happy lifestyle!

  4. This article from the Huffington Post has statistics about the decline of female happiness since the 1960s. It is noteworthy that it has happened in tandem with "women's liberation."


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