Thursday, May 2, 2013

Words of Wisdom


On the Influence of the Housewife
From The Catholic Girls Guide by Fr LaSance

“If the soul of the housewife is truly given to God, if grace protects all that is best in her natural character, she becomes, if I may so speak, a magnet which draws all hearts to God.  She preaches without words, and the more quiet and unobtrusive her influence is, the more effectually does it work.  With gentle force she draws those around her to God, just as a beautiful portrait awakens pleasing recollections of a person whom you have dearly loved.”

*Words of Wisdom are welcome from any of my readers and will be published on The Catholic Lady Blog.  Whether it is something your mother or grandmother always said or some little saying that helps you when you’re feeling down, I’d greatly appreciate your contributions!*

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