Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Week In Feminine Dress

*The month of June is "Week In Feminine Dress" challenge month on The Catholic Lady Blog!  Please contribute with photographs of seven days of feminine dress so that others ladies can see that it is possible to go through life dressed like a lady!  Send your pictures to me at: thecatholiclady@gmail.com!  Please consider it!*
For this first week I am posting pictures from one of my friends, Christine, who has bravely joined the challenge!  I think she looks beautiful in the pictures and I'm so glad I can present you with a new face for a change too! :)
Sunday- such a pretty skirt!

Monday- I LOVE that skirt AND her hair!

Tuesday- the colors in that skirt are lovely!

Wednesday- I love how she dressed up a simple top with a belt!

Thursday- That is a very cute top and the skirt is so intricate!

Friday- We get an extra model in the picture!  You both look adorable!

 Saturday- That is a stunning necklace which is a great way to dress up any outfit a little more!  Love the toys on the floor too!  That is a so familiar sight in my house!

Thanks so much, Christine!  You are a beautiful model of feminine dress!  I'm sure that my readers appreciate this encouragement too.  Please leave comments below to let us know your ideas on day to day feminine dress!

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