Friday, June 28, 2013

On Character


“A good man is good because of what he does, a woman because of who she is.” -G.K. Chesterton

Forming ones character is important for although there are providential factors in everyone’s life, there are also those things that one can influence and improve upon daily.  The character of a real Catholic Lady will be the product of much time and devotion.  She should pay much attention to her everyday attitude, deportment, and accomplishments.  If she prepares breakfast cheerfully for her family, wears a lovely dress and apron and is carefully attentive to the needs of her children throughout the day she does much for society.  Also, the devotion she shows outwardly toward her prayers is important for the edification of those around her.  A true Catholic lady should attend Mass with devotion and communicate reverently so as to influence the disposition of her soul toward God in a positive way.  She should pray the Rosary everyday with her family in an attitude of pleasure and good example.  It is oftentimes the women more than the men who hold the standard of discipline and devotion in their own families.  So do not allow this line to slip even if you physically feel tired or disinterested in making dinner or wearing nice shoes and stockings.  The formation of your character requires not only keeping your own body and soul in accord with one another, but also those of the people around you!

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  1. I am glad you were unashamed to say to wear an apron. It seems today that the only aprons that most women wear are meant to look flirty and sexy and not to honor their place in the home. Feminine aprons are lost within modern culture. Thank you for being so bold.


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