Monday, July 15, 2013

On the Parasol

When parasols were in fashion they allowed a woman the freedom of femininity.
She was able to walk about in the sun without burning her skin, encouraging freckles, or becoming too affected by the radiant heat.
Parasols also could be used as an expression of delicacy, annoyance, or mystery.  They were quite useful and actually the subject of intense and interesting etiquette.
I have thought about how much I would like to carry a parasol in the summer.  It would probably be useful as a weapon not only against the heat, but against feminism as well.  Can you imagine how much feminists would hate a parasol?  It speaks of weakness in the most exquisite sense, or at least the so called "weakness" of a woman accepting her feminine nature.
Actually, a real lady is quite strong if she takes advantage of these "weapons" of femininity such as the parasol.  Men respond to this higher influence with a natural chivalry and they are unlikely to ignore anything a lady divulges while beneath the parasol.  What a way to get people to listen to you!
Remember to be careful of what you say when under the influence of...
the parasol.


  1. I use a parasol on walks during the summer. I never thought of it as a weapon against feminism before, but that is certainly true.

  2. I love your blog, even if I do disagree with you on some points. Mainly, your perception of feminists.

    Feminism (at least, liberal feminism, the most common kind) isn't about denying our feminine natures--it's about having the same rights, opportunities, education, and compensation as men and the idea that all humans, male and female, deserve these same freedoms. It is NOT (contrary to popular belief) rooted in the principle of females being superior to males, or the idea that we should suppress our femininity.

    I think it's entirely possible to be a Catholic lady and a feminist, and if I saw you walking around carrying a parasol, I'd probably stop you to tell you how elegant I think it is! Only a radical feminist would take offense in this situation. It's unfortunate that every group has its zealots who take things too far, but please don't judge us all by the words and actions of a radical minority.

    1. I disagree with feminism in its definition of "social, political, and economic equality between men and women". Quite simply, men and women were made different by God as He intended them to complement one another by fulfilling different roles. Many Catholic philosophers such as Archbishop Fulton Sheen and Alice Von Hildebrand have even gone so far as to say that the role of women is greater than that of men. But the theology of feminism is to kick out the pedestal from under their own feet and declare that they do not want to be what God made them but instead the same as men. Thus society slips when men realize that they no longer need to win women but war with them.


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