Wednesday, July 17, 2013

True Devotion To Mary

I have recently been thinking about the Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary of St. Louis De Montfort.  If you have not yet made this consecration I highly recommend that you do so.  Every truly devout and pious person that I know has at some time made the Consecration.
The preparation for Consecration to Jesus Through Mary includes reading from Thomas a Kempis' Imitation of Christ and St. Louis De Montfort's True Devotion to Mary.  I have read the parts of True Devotion to Mary required for the Consecration preparation but I have never read this book start to finish.  Here it is if you are interested:

True Devotion to Mary is the secret of the saints.  It summarizes how to find the intense devotion and confidence that some souls have for Our Lady.  It is more than praying the Rosary everyday; it is loving the Rosary.  In short, it is a necessary read.  Perhaps I will report more on this when I am finished...


  1. I often pray that I will come to love the Rosary. I understand how important it is, but I really struggle to love it. Perhaps I should give this book a re-read sometime.

  2. I have started this a few times but haven't finished. Maybe this is the year. Thanks got sharing.


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