Thursday, August 29, 2013

Online Modest Clothing Stores

Hi ladies!

In my last post about modest clothing sources I basically just put out ideas for where to find modest clothing inexpensively (or the places that I most frequently shop).  Today I'm going to add some online sources for modest clothes that are a bit more expensive but usually worth it, especially for a special occasion.  I usually do not buy from these stores because I usually need to try something on to make sure I like it first, and being 5'6", most dresses and skirts are too short for my preference.  *Please note that not all these stores sell exclusively modest clothing and I may be listing them just because it is occasionally possible to find a modest outfit!*

Dillard's has LOTS of dresses, AND a surprising amount of modest ones!

April Cornell
Haley Ladies Jacket
Very romantic, feminine clothing, skirts and dresses.
Coldwater Creek
Beautiful, more expensive long skirts.

Christopher & Banks
Very conservative retailer, usually some nice skirts in stock!

Sierra Brooke
Cute dresses and skirts *some are short*.

Shabby Apple
Cute clothing but *not all modest*.

Land's End
High quality, classic clothing.

Vermont Country Store
Floral Print Rayon Dress
Pretty nightgowns and some modest skirts, dresses- older styles.

One of my favorite sources of long skirts and nice dresses.

Very pretty dresses!  *some short and tight, etc.*

Tipped trim Peter Pan collar dress
Customize any dress' length, sleeves, and size!

Dainty Jewells
Small shop for cute, modest dresses with a Southern flair, made in America!


  1. That floral skirt from Sierra Brooke is super cute!

  2. Thanks for the links! Another site that has some good stuff is They aren't the cheapest, but the quality is worth it. I've only purchased skirts from them, one of which is over 6yrs old now, and it still looks great! Thanks again, Kelly (on my dh's account for now)

  3. I'm a Catholic myself but I would like to recommend looking at Muslim online shops. Some of them do lovely full length skirts and dresses, not just abayas. It's obviously only a personal thing but I prefer a dress that is designed to look great as a full length garment, rather than being a frumpier version of something designed to look good short. Admittedly, not all online Muslim shops manage this but some do, with stunning results.

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  5. Thank you for the links! The Skirt Society ( also has beautiful modest dresses, skirts and tops.

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