Sunday, September 22, 2013

Healthy Eating in an Unhealthy World


   Healthy eating is something that all moms try to focus on.  We all know that we feel better emotionally and physically when we spend time preparing healthy meals.
   It's not always that simple though.  Busy mothers know how complicated healthy eating can be.
I have read hundreds of delicious looking recipes on pinterest that require chopping and dicing and stewing that takes hours!  Is this really going to work when the baby needs fed or the laundry piles are calling?  Sometimes I ask myself if I will still have time to prepare food in the even busier years to come?
   Lately I have been doing something about this question.  I have tried some new recipes and discovered something interesting.  Time spent cooking is rewarding.  Food is not just about getting nutrients into our bodies (although I know what that feeling is when I am battling hypoglycemia and morning sickness at the same time).  Healthy eating is about feeding the soul too!  Fast food is not just bad for your body, it is unhealthy for the mentality it creates, a mentality I have heard termed "Instant gratification".
   Another benefit to healthy eating at home is the ambiance that comes about.  Does your dinner table look like this?
   Unfortunately, neither does mine.  But there is something so attractive about the care that went into preparing such a display.  This kind of ambience (adapted a little to fit my small kitchen table) would be sure to make the food taste better and be more gratifying.
   There is truth in the words of Fulton Sheen that women hold the "level of civilization".  Food can be a big aspect of that uplifting power as most people will admit, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."
   Our society is certainly not conductive to healthy eating.  Unhealthy eating habits are just too easy to form when people are always out of their homes and on the go!  This is not surprising considering that a healthy family must be there to support healthy eating!
   (I know that there are times when fast or frozen food is just absolutely necessary during hard or busy times.  I in no way intend to condemn anyone who eats fast food.  I have done so myself quite often!  But this is the exception, not the rule.)
   What do you do in your family about healthy eating?


  1. I love a good well-prepared homecooked meal, but some days it's so hard to have the time or energy for it. I feel like I need to take advantage of the slow cooker much more than I do.

    One thing that's been a big help in this regard is getting a (small) chest freezer. I can make a big batch of soup or stew, serve some for dinner, and then freeze the rest in several meal-sized batches for future evenings. It provides delicious homecooked meals, but really cuts down the work!

    I've thought to myself also that if my kitchen was a more inviting place to spend the day, I would therefore not mind spending a long time cooking. I think for that, though, I'd need 1. more counter space, and 2. comfier chairs. I don't see this happening for a while, though...

  2. It's funny, I have been thinking about all these things lately, too. I admit sometimes it is easy to eat out, but we try to always cook everything ourselves and save money. A homemade meal tastes the best and is always better for you. I also have been making sure the dinner table is always pleasantly decorated and set...and to keep the conversation fun or interesting. I think it really makes the difference!
    I have been trying to make the food we prepare and eat one of the top priorities, because it really is so important and enjoyable, but some get tired of thinking about it!


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