Monday, October 28, 2013

On Fairylales

(This article is originally from the October 2012  issue of The Catholic Lady newsletter.)

My friends over the years have had different opinions about fairytales.  They question whether or not to allow their daughters to play with princess dolls related to Disney or Barbie (definitely questionable companies) or whether to fill their little children's heads with seemingly silly nonsense.  Since indeed, the playthings of children help to form their little consciences and souls for better or for worse!
We live in a culture that intentionally produces new gadgets every year that are more evil and more perverting to children.  Think about the creepy zombie/vampire movies and dolls with torn jeans and purple hair that fill the toy stores.  It is undeniable that a culture of darkness has invaded the toy industry.  The creatures are distorted and/or non human, the storyline is twisted and false, and the children end up becoming like the characters they are reading, watching or playing with.
But what about that age old question of fairytales?  Those stories of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress...  They are just so delightfully beautiful in a toy market that is outrageously dark.  I certainly would take princess toys over SpongeBob and Pokemon any day!  There are many truths in fairytales such as the ultimate triumph of good over evil, the difference between the sexes, and the representation of mythical beauty in God's creation. 

Perhaps the incredibly charming and feminine attraction of being a princess and reading tales of chivalry when our society pushes for equality (in jeans and t-shirts of course) has something to do with my opinion that fairytales can be exceptionally beneficial!

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

    A Weekend In Feminine Dress is when I post pictures of myself or a friend wearing a modest, feminine outfit including where it was purchased in order to form ideas for finding modest clothes and inspire ideas on how to dress like a lady!  (Please include your tips in the comments too!)
    Since I skipped a Weekend In Feminine Dress pictures last week, I told myself I had to make up for it today!  We went away to a conference this weekend and unfortunately, although I managed to take pictures, they did not turn out perfectly!  Here they are, nonetheless:
Taken at the end of the day when I look tired and wrinkled of course!



I'm Wearing:
Green Jacket- LOFT on sale last year
Black Top- Gabriel Brothers
Khaki Skirt- Thrift Store made into a maternity skirt by cutting it off at the hips and sewing the bottom half of a white camisole onto the waistband
Black Shoes- Payless
Necklace- Gabriel Brothers
Earrings- Consignment
I will have better pictures next week!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Two Female Extremes

          Recently, I had a brief conversation with a good friend about raising daughters.  During our discussion she mentioned something that she called the "two extremes" of modern women; there is on one side extreme immodesty and on the other extreme denial of femininity at all.  To put it bluntly, there are those who defend prostitution and those who advocate sexual equality.

     Those who are on the one extreme advocate child sex education, abortion, bikinis, shorts and other immodest clothing, childhood dating, cohabitation, etc.  Those who are on the other side push for same-sex bathrooms, cross-dressing, same-sex "marriage", transgender or any other kind of mixed up gender education, multiple/both sex relationships and the list goes on.

      What is the common ground relating these two extremes?  Could it be the the denial of God's law and the support of a lavish lifestyle of indulgence?

     Once society looses the intricate beauty of the natural order, is there anything left but extremism?  Ugliness?  Perversion?  Sin?  God naturally designed each person, place and thing to be happiest in its calling of "being itself".  Only chaos is left when we abandon His natural order.

     Feminism has moved women so far that we are not surprised to see them dressing like men and assuming the same positions.  Will it surprise us when we see men dressing and acting like women?  Little girls are confused because anyone can do anything and still be socially acceptable.  They can become a police officer or a plumber or a politician right alongside their brothers!  The only difference is that no one is going to be there when they come home after a long and weary day!  Who is going to cook the dinner, clean the house, feed the babies, run errands?  Who is going to wear the swishing skirts and pearls, sing soft lullabies, teach eager children about God, and inspire dreams of manhood and chivalry?  Certainly not the feminists!  And men are not made for these jobs.

     All of these household talks and, even more so, these duties of beautiful womanhood, must be outsourced when the mother (the heart) is missing.  Society sinks into a state of boring equality which sinks further still into a state of chaos where no one knows their role and even less enjoys it!

      Female extremism is going off the deep end on both sides.  Who is to keep the balance?

      The Catholic lady!  She is feminine, virtuous and humble.  She does not try to usurp her husband's or father's authority yet holds her own ground with admirable fortitude.  She adorns herself with grace and elegance yet avoids gaudiness and superficiality.  Her character is gentle and kind yet strong and enduring.  Her temperament is serene and yet enjoyable.  Her example is Our Blessed Lady.

      Do you agree and if so, which female extreme do you think is worst?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thoughts on Maternity Clothes

I have been considering writing about maternity clothing for awhile now.  It is just SO FRUSTRATING to try to shop for outfits sometimes!  Between being terribly expensive, poor quality, and very immodest it is in my opinion next to impossible to find nice maternity clothing!

The first problem is expense, something I have tried to overcome by slowly investing in nice clothing little by little.  At this point I have three tops and two skirts that I really like and will probably last me through this pregnancy.  Since this is my third child though that really is not that many outfits to have collected!  Granted, I have dozens of more maternity tops and a few more skirts I could wear (either from thrift stores or second hand); they are just not my favorite and do not look good on me at all!

The second problem is poor quality!  Maternity tops are so thin anymore!  I have one top that I bought in July and it is already wearing out!  I probably wore it 6-8 times and did not wash it more than twice!  The third problem with maternity clothes is immodesty.  I have heard women who have lots of children say that they go back to the maternity shops after ten years only to discover the drastic changes in maternity styles and fabric!  Here is what a typical maternity shirt looks like now:
That shirt just wouldn't work on me!  The neckline would be way lower than it is on the model (and it looks too low on her), the fabric looks like it would show the outline of a belly button and the sleeves are way too open!  One option is to wear a camisole underneath.  But the sleeves would still be too open or too short on some shirts.  Some simple ideas that I use are to layer a long sleeve shirt underneath a maternity shirt or wear a camisole and cardigan... 
Skirts are the same story!  Here is a typical maternity skirt:
If you are thinking way to short you are on the same page as I am!  Although they look cute on the rack or the model, maternity skirts are just not made to be worn out in public!  Even maxi skirts are so slinky that they look awful when you actually try them on, usually not flattering at all!  The few maternity skirts I have are a line skirts that I made myself by cutting off the top of a skirt at the hips and sewing the lower half of a camisole onto the cut off skirt to make a belly band.
Maternity tights are very expensive and thus I do not own any.  I usually wear knee highs with a long skirt and that works pretty well for me.  Maternity cardigans are not necessary since regular cardigans usually work just fine over a maternity top.  I think that my next investment will probably be another skirt!
So to sum up, I would really appreciate some ideas for maternity outfits from my readers!  It is definitely a work in progress for me!

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Weekend In Feminine Dress: Ideas!

This weekend I did not get around to taking pictures.  So instead, I am sharing some ideas I found on Pinterest for Modest Fall Outfits!
I love the maxi skirt look with a long cardigan or jacket!
"Modest Fall Outfit" by christianmodesty on Polyvore
This outfit is so pretty and Autumnish too!  I love the plaid skirt and sweater!
"Modest Fall Outfit" by christianmodesty on Polyvore
I really like the hair idea in this picture and I love the brown and burgundy colors together!
Modest Maternity Fall outfits are hard to find but this simple denim skirt looks pretty for cooler weather!
What do you wear in the Falll?

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

A Weekend In Feminine Dress happens every Monday on The Catholic Lady Blog when I post pictures of an outfit including where it was purchased to encourage (myself and) other women to dress modestly and elegantly!  I love having volunteers for the pictures, so if you are interested please send your picture and where your outfit was purchased to me at:!
This is what I wore yesterday to Church.  I am nearly into the sixth month of pregnancy and this is when it gets tough for me to put outfits together!  A Weekend In Feminine Dress is good for me because it makes me spend more time getting dressed on Sunday morning when I think about the pictures that will be taken!  (I would welcome your ideas for dressing modestly during mid-late pregnancy, ladies!)

I'm sorry about my sick looking expression.  I need to learn how to get over that look!:)
I'm Wearing:
Red Top- Goodwill
White Shirt- LOFT on sale
Brown Skirt- Goodwill
Black Flats- Payless
Pearl Drop Earrings- Claires
Beatrice is Wearing:

Dress- Hand-me-down
Tights- Walmart
Headband- Gift

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall in the Home

Now that it is October it is officially Fall!  This is my favorite season of all (and not just because the Summer heat has finally settled down)!

Here are a few things that my family does to celebrate the season and enjoy it together:

Fall porch- mums in bushel baskets, hay seats, and lots of pumpkins
1. Decorate!
Pumpkins, mums, scarecrows, apples, candles, cinnamon scents and hay bales are just a few things that can be used to cheerfully prepare your home for the holiday season!

Kelsey Creek Farm Fair recalls Bellevue's rural past - features pumpkin decorating, hayrides and other fall activities
2. Attend Fall Festivals!
There are so many Fall festivals around our house at country farms and communities.  This is a great place to get your pumpkins or just enjoy the day with a hayride or hot apple cider!
christmas gift container
3. Start making or buying Christmas Gifts!
I usually start thinking about Christmas presents now since it takes awhile to accumulate the perfect gift for family and friends especially if you are planning to make them!  I find that it is much more laid back to shop slowly than do it all at once.
Who's excited for fall bike rides? Photo: Maudsley State Park, Newburyport. Credit: Kindra Clineff

4. Go outside or to a park for a walk/bike ride/hike!
Fall is the perfect weather to get outside.  The crisp air and crunchy leaves are great for bike riding, hiking, walking, or just playing in the yard!
Hot Apple Cider
5. Prepare warm and tasty treats!
Hot beverages, sweet pies, and hot soups taste so good after that outdoor adventure!  Don't forget to snuggle up in front of the fire with a good movie either!
What do you like to do best in the Fall?

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