Monday, October 28, 2013

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

    A Weekend In Feminine Dress is when I post pictures of myself or a friend wearing a modest, feminine outfit including where it was purchased in order to form ideas for finding modest clothes and inspire ideas on how to dress like a lady!  (Please include your tips in the comments too!)
    Since I skipped a Weekend In Feminine Dress pictures last week, I told myself I had to make up for it today!  We went away to a conference this weekend and unfortunately, although I managed to take pictures, they did not turn out perfectly!  Here they are, nonetheless:
Taken at the end of the day when I look tired and wrinkled of course!



I'm Wearing:
Green Jacket- LOFT on sale last year
Black Top- Gabriel Brothers
Khaki Skirt- Thrift Store made into a maternity skirt by cutting it off at the hips and sewing the bottom half of a white camisole onto the waistband
Black Shoes- Payless
Necklace- Gabriel Brothers
Earrings- Consignment
I will have better pictures next week!

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