Monday, October 28, 2013

On Fairylales

(This article is originally from the October 2012  issue of The Catholic Lady newsletter.)

My friends over the years have had different opinions about fairytales.  They question whether or not to allow their daughters to play with princess dolls related to Disney or Barbie (definitely questionable companies) or whether to fill their little children's heads with seemingly silly nonsense.  Since indeed, the playthings of children help to form their little consciences and souls for better or for worse!
We live in a culture that intentionally produces new gadgets every year that are more evil and more perverting to children.  Think about the creepy zombie/vampire movies and dolls with torn jeans and purple hair that fill the toy stores.  It is undeniable that a culture of darkness has invaded the toy industry.  The creatures are distorted and/or non human, the storyline is twisted and false, and the children end up becoming like the characters they are reading, watching or playing with.
But what about that age old question of fairytales?  Those stories of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress...  They are just so delightfully beautiful in a toy market that is outrageously dark.  I certainly would take princess toys over SpongeBob and Pokemon any day!  There are many truths in fairytales such as the ultimate triumph of good over evil, the difference between the sexes, and the representation of mythical beauty in God's creation. 

Perhaps the incredibly charming and feminine attraction of being a princess and reading tales of chivalry when our society pushes for equality (in jeans and t-shirts of course) has something to do with my opinion that fairytales can be exceptionally beneficial!

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  1. Why can't women be equal to men? We're different, obviously, but why is it not acceptable for girls to veer from the feminine? In my opinion, it makes one no less of a woman, just a woman with different interests than many others of her sex.


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