Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Two Female Extremes

          Recently, I had a brief conversation with a good friend about raising daughters.  During our discussion she mentioned something that she called the "two extremes" of modern women; there is on one side extreme immodesty and on the other extreme denial of femininity at all.  To put it bluntly, there are those who defend prostitution and those who advocate sexual equality.

     Those who are on the one extreme advocate child sex education, abortion, bikinis, shorts and other immodest clothing, childhood dating, cohabitation, etc.  Those who are on the other side push for same-sex bathrooms, cross-dressing, same-sex "marriage", transgender or any other kind of mixed up gender education, multiple/both sex relationships and the list goes on.

      What is the common ground relating these two extremes?  Could it be the the denial of God's law and the support of a lavish lifestyle of indulgence?

     Once society looses the intricate beauty of the natural order, is there anything left but extremism?  Ugliness?  Perversion?  Sin?  God naturally designed each person, place and thing to be happiest in its calling of "being itself".  Only chaos is left when we abandon His natural order.

     Feminism has moved women so far that we are not surprised to see them dressing like men and assuming the same positions.  Will it surprise us when we see men dressing and acting like women?  Little girls are confused because anyone can do anything and still be socially acceptable.  They can become a police officer or a plumber or a politician right alongside their brothers!  The only difference is that no one is going to be there when they come home after a long and weary day!  Who is going to cook the dinner, clean the house, feed the babies, run errands?  Who is going to wear the swishing skirts and pearls, sing soft lullabies, teach eager children about God, and inspire dreams of manhood and chivalry?  Certainly not the feminists!  And men are not made for these jobs.

     All of these household talks and, even more so, these duties of beautiful womanhood, must be outsourced when the mother (the heart) is missing.  Society sinks into a state of boring equality which sinks further still into a state of chaos where no one knows their role and even less enjoys it!

      Female extremism is going off the deep end on both sides.  Who is to keep the balance?

      The Catholic lady!  She is feminine, virtuous and humble.  She does not try to usurp her husband's or father's authority yet holds her own ground with admirable fortitude.  She adorns herself with grace and elegance yet avoids gaudiness and superficiality.  Her character is gentle and kind yet strong and enduring.  Her temperament is serene and yet enjoyable.  Her example is Our Blessed Lady.

      Do you agree and if so, which female extreme do you think is worst?


  1. I agree. I am working hard to un-indoctrinate my oldest daughter in the ways of feminism. It is a struggle because she is bombarded with it daily. My family has just recently become much more devout thanks to the help of young priest guiding my husband. My younger daughter understands but she was not exposed to as much as my older daughter. I think both are equally bad and hard to defend against. Feminist just can't see how a woman can be humble and strong. Thank you for promoting modesty and giving directions on where to find affordable modest clothing. We mainly shop at our local Goodwill stores. Tis where we find most of our acceptable clothing. We sew a little; we could use more time to do this effectively.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  2. "The Catholic lady! She is feminine, virtuous and humble. She does not try to usurp her husband's or father's authority yet holds her own ground with admirable fortitude. She adorns herself with grace and elegance yet avoids gaudiness and superficiality. Her character is gentle and kind yet strong and enduring. Her temperament is serene and yet enjoyable. Her example is Our Blessed Lady."

    Thank you for this. I feel as if I had my fair share of these talks. I live in a college town and the college aspect part of it is more "non conservative" compared to the town itself which is primarily Apostolic Christian. I have worn skirts full time then pants then skirts again. It wasn't that I was unsure of what a lady is suppose to look like or questioning my decision, i reverted back to less feminine clothing as I was constantly put down and asked by everyone if I was an Apostolic Christian. It was a great conversation starter that no actually I am Catholic, and I just think dressing like a lady is awesome :)! It took me a long time to push through these barriers and accept that I cannot please everyone and that it doesn't really matter. I finally made the deicison to wear only feminine, modest clothing in May.

    One of the toughest parts were finding modest feminine outfits because you mention there were certain extremes. Either 1)very revealing dresses/skirts/tops or 2) denim jumpers/very old fashioned etc. I was so blessed that skirts were the "in thing" these past two summers as it allowed me to stock up on a wardrobe full of long skirts, and even a few dresses that were age appropriate, modest and so forth. I don't think this would have been possible say 3 years ago when I as trying to find outfits and could only find 1) very expensive clothing which at that point was not plausible or 2) very cheap thrift store clothing which was awesome! but not 21st century!

    Thank you for promoting modesty and sharing your opinion!

    God Bless!

  3. I wrote a longer comment, but it seems to have disappeared :-(

    The gist was: Well said, Colette! I agree!

  4. First and foremost we should strive to be good Christian people; the duties of a Christian man vs a Christian woman varies between stages and circumstances of life. Not every family is financially stable enough to be supported by one source of income, so the kids might go to public school so the mother can work. Not every mother has a husband for whatever reason, and so she may need to get a job. Not every father has a wife, therefore he may need to learn how to cook, do laundry, braid hair. A father may just simply enjoy having a good, stable, and healthy relationship with their children, a man may enjoy cooking. Saying that a man is incapable of the duties you described or that a woman isn't qualified to work is degrading to both men and women.

    1. The work of the wife and mother is so dignified in the eyes of the Church and civilization that it has been considered a vocation for centuries. It is common sense for a woman to be a mother and care for her children while the father works. This doesn't mean that men can't cook or help out at home. I definitely admit that there are exceptions in the roles of husband and wife based on personality or circumstance but that should not take away from the ideal.


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