Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thoughts on Maternity Clothes

I have been considering writing about maternity clothing for awhile now.  It is just SO FRUSTRATING to try to shop for outfits sometimes!  Between being terribly expensive, poor quality, and very immodest it is in my opinion next to impossible to find nice maternity clothing!

The first problem is expense, something I have tried to overcome by slowly investing in nice clothing little by little.  At this point I have three tops and two skirts that I really like and will probably last me through this pregnancy.  Since this is my third child though that really is not that many outfits to have collected!  Granted, I have dozens of more maternity tops and a few more skirts I could wear (either from thrift stores or second hand); they are just not my favorite and do not look good on me at all!

The second problem is poor quality!  Maternity tops are so thin anymore!  I have one top that I bought in July and it is already wearing out!  I probably wore it 6-8 times and did not wash it more than twice!  The third problem with maternity clothes is immodesty.  I have heard women who have lots of children say that they go back to the maternity shops after ten years only to discover the drastic changes in maternity styles and fabric!  Here is what a typical maternity shirt looks like now:
That shirt just wouldn't work on me!  The neckline would be way lower than it is on the model (and it looks too low on her), the fabric looks like it would show the outline of a belly button and the sleeves are way too open!  One option is to wear a camisole underneath.  But the sleeves would still be too open or too short on some shirts.  Some simple ideas that I use are to layer a long sleeve shirt underneath a maternity shirt or wear a camisole and cardigan... 
Skirts are the same story!  Here is a typical maternity skirt:
If you are thinking way to short you are on the same page as I am!  Although they look cute on the rack or the model, maternity skirts are just not made to be worn out in public!  Even maxi skirts are so slinky that they look awful when you actually try them on, usually not flattering at all!  The few maternity skirts I have are a line skirts that I made myself by cutting off the top of a skirt at the hips and sewing the lower half of a camisole onto the cut off skirt to make a belly band.
Maternity tights are very expensive and thus I do not own any.  I usually wear knee highs with a long skirt and that works pretty well for me.  Maternity cardigans are not necessary since regular cardigans usually work just fine over a maternity top.  I think that my next investment will probably be another skirt!
So to sum up, I would really appreciate some ideas for maternity outfits from my readers!  It is definitely a work in progress for me!


  1. I'm in the same boat, so I can't offer any suggestions! I totally agree about maternity skirts being waaaaay too short. I don't own any. I usually look for elastic-waisted skirts, especially if they're a size too big, at thrift stores. Those get me through. As for the quality - yes, it is definitely cheap! And over-priced to boot! I'm wearing a maternity shirt right now (my first real maternity garment for this pregnancy, so a little exciting) which I bought without trying it on (I had the kids with me, and was in a rush). It looks alright, but it's soooo thin. I don't know if it will hold up very long :-(

  2. I definitely know your frustration! My only advice is to invest in good skirts or tops that you like and that look good on you, and just wear the same thing almost everyday. That is what I did. The nine months go by fast anyway!

    It resulted in me wearing mostly black or grey, because the colors would be slimming, and I also would not get tired of them. However when it came to maternity skirts, it was really tough for me. I ended up wearing the same two throughout my entire pregnancies (and they were a little on the short side).

    Maxi maternity skirts seem almost as immodest as short ones! The same goes with tops. I HATE tight maternity tops. I wore an adorable cotton black blouse with a big bow that was loose fitting, with a charcoal grey skirt almost everyday it seemed.

    I highly recommend this website:
    they have a LOT of maternity clothes that have high necklines, and their skirts are also good. It's not the cheapest, but I think it's worth it, if you don't get too much. They always have sales or special days as well.
    Good luck!

    1. This is the blouse I wore:
      I wore this almost everyday! It is really classic and old-time looking, comfortable, and best of all, modest! It doesn't show anything, and I always felt put together. I would wear sweaters if it was too cold.

      I really enjoyed not thinking so much about what to wear each day!

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  3. I wish there were more stylish and modest options out there for pregnant ladies too--I cant even seem to find any sewing patterns that are nice. Occasionally the online store ASOS has some beautiful dresses for maternity--wish I could find a nice staple skirt though!

  4. I pretty much only wore dresses while pregnant because they are easy, comfortable, and feminine. Three qualities I find essential when carrying the extra weight of a life. Thankfully, maxi dresses have been very popular recently, so I stocked up whenever styles went on sale and I still wear them now that I'm not pregnant as they are cut generously even if not meant for maternity wear. I never paid more than $10 for any dress and have about 7 of them. I paired them with cardigans and pullover sweaters, usually adding a scarf for some added warmth and flair.

    Mostly I bought them at Old Navy & WalMart.

    I did also find a nice, long denim skirt at Motherhood Maternity that is GREAT quality!

    When I did wear shirts, I found that buying 2 basic maternity crew neck t-shirts for layer was essential to ensure the neckline was appropriate. Then I just added a maternity sweater or feminine tank top over it.

    All in all I believe I spent about $200 on my complete maternity wardrobe, but I'm sure it will last me many years.


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