Monday, November 18, 2013

A Weekend In Feminine Dress: Everyday Edition

Happy Monday and welcome once again to A Weekend In Feminine Dress, maternity style!  Today I am posting pictures of some outfits I wore last week to get some ideas out there for what to wear "everyday"!  I would appreciate your feedback and ideas for modest maternity or non-maternity everyday clothing.  I still do not have an extensive (modest) maternity wardrobe.  I am sorry for the extremely odd expressions.  It is very hard to get the right angle in a self portraits in the mirror in a small bathroom while seven months pregnant:)
Also, please consider volunteering photos for A Weekend In Feminine Dress and I will be happy to post them here to give myself a little break!  I do not want this to be about me (especially now that I am not the ideal model), but about modesty and elegance in dress!
One of my favorite easy maternity outfits.

This is a stretchy skirt originally from LOFT that works well for maternity.

This is not my favorite outfit, but it is comfortable around the house.

I know this looks a little silly, but I wore the same brown skirt (again) with this slightly too short dress and a raincoat.  Yes, it is very much adapted for modesty:)

My favorite maternity skirt!
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  1. Have you checked out the Deborah & co's maternity clothes? She had really nice half tees, and full tees. And beautiful skirts too!

    1. Yes; I love Deborah & Co. but I usually make my own clothes because it's cheaper. I may eventually get something from there though!

    2. I completely understand. I think of quality when buying clothing. Clothing that will last longer than a season or two. When I do that, the cost doesn't seem as high.

  2. I love the last skirt the most. How cute!


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