Monday, November 4, 2013

A Weekend In Feminine Dress- Maternity Edition

   A Weekend In Feminine Dress is when I post pictures of myself or a friend wearing a modest, feminine outfit (including where it was purchased) in order to form ideas for finding modest clothes and inspire ideas on how to dress like a lady!  (Please include your tips too in the comments!)
   This is what I wore yesterday.  I made the blouse recently and wore it with a cardigan I had in my closet.  I usually do not wear maternity cardigans unless I want to wear it buttoned.  The skirt I made too since I really needed a nice maternity skirt that fit well and was long enough (so hard to find)!  I wanted to put a photo of my new pin first since I just received it last week when my husband and I became supporters of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.  I was so excited and it is so beautiful as you can see!
   I am sorry again for the poor quality of my pictures.  I think my camera is just getting old and this may not be corrected until I get a new one.  Sorry.


Here is my outfit!  I already feel huge and I still have two more months of pregnancy to go!

Lace and pearls.  Don't you just love them both!?

Top, sweater and my new pin!
Skirt I made recently; it has a stretchy waistband for maternity wear.

Back- I curled my hair two days ago; I really like it curly:)

Earrings from my sister two Christmases ago.
I'm Wearing:
Top- I made
Cardigan- Burlington Coat Factory
Skirt- I made
Earrings- Sister
Pearl Necklace and Bracelet- gift
Shoes- Payless
Thanks for reading this!  Let me know if you have ideas for modest dress or maternity dress!  I am always interested in new ideas and tips!


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  1. Hi Colette:) Lovely blog you have here. If anyone is interested in modest clothes with a vintage twist, theres a fantastic online clothes store called Shabby Apple, that stocks the most adorable and mostly modest clothing range! I discovered this store a while ago and have been shy to share it with other catholic ladies--I wanted to keep it for myself (haha!) but I believe everyone should be able to dress in such a beautiful and feminine way. by the way--you are glowing!


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