Monday, November 4, 2013

On Celebration

Celebrating the holidays can bring with it scruples about secularism, materialism, and maybe even paganism.  The Catholic lady must analyze all these dangers, for they are very real; but she must not allow herself to be caught up in them.  If her attitude affects the enjoyment of her family, the Catholic lady has ceased to be a vessel of virtue and begun to be one of demise.

Since celebration must be about something good, the message we impart by  elebrating must be received.  “The more, the merrier,” is an old expression and perhaps one with some truth.  Surroundings of beauty, comfort, and cheer cannot be overdone to produce an atmosphere that sends the message.  Maybe the gospel of John is the best way to have Christmas for our minds, while the senses are better satisfied with turkey, Christmas trees, and jingle bells.

I think the Catholic lady has an increased opportunity during the holidays to see that her family is immersed in comfort and joy.

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  1. Your first paragraph is talking about me. Although I hardly feel like "demise," I just have a bit of an attitude.

    My Christmas lists are "overdue" and it's barely November. Already I'm feeling the bah humbug. Do you think that's the plan of the evil one, to have Christmas so ridiculously out of season that by the time it really comes we're apathetic from a surfeit of jingle bells and shopping? I just want to go sit in a cemetery. (I'm hoping you understand what I mean by that.)

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  3. P.S. I see you joined the TFP! I grew up only a few miles from their headquarters in Spring Grove, PA but knew nothing of them until college. Their schola sang at our wedding. Say hi to Michael Drake and the Laczkoskies from us. :) (Edited for misspelling "Laczkoskie".)

  4. I am employing children this year for help in planning a good Christmas Season. We are going to try to make Christmas begin on Christmas Eve and last through the Christmas Season. We get to spend Advent truly preparing.


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