Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On Dressing Up


I Love Lucy is an old classic and an old favorite.  I enjoy the atmosphere of old time American family life.  But what I really like about this 50’s show is perusing delightfully though Lucy’s many outfits.  Although this was unquestionably a revolutionary time in fashion there is something that still held on throughout the nineteen fifties and that something was dressing up.
Did you ever notice a woman who is really attractively dressed up at the grocery store or at the mall?  Were you not edified merely by her presence and felt that aura of civilization, of refinement, of beauty?  Why?  Was it the trouble she took to represent herself in the best manner possible?  Or was it the natural association you made that a refined, graceful soul was hidden beneath such refined, graceful adornment?
Today, the modern Catholic lady does not necessitate this trouble to dress up.  But don’t you think care of the soul might be slipping along with the care of the body?  When I see Lucy vacuuming the rug with her high heels or Ethel make a stunning entrance with styled hair and pearls I cannot help but feel the elevation of thought and conversation that must have been inspired in that era simply by dressing up!  How much less does one feel like talking of God when one is sitting on the floor with pajamas or bare feet.  A true Catholic lady must seek to express her virtue at any cost through the faultless adornment of the body.  Failure to do so will result in a slow but sure decay of principle.

Hairstyles, stockings, shoes, hats...these things are not just neglected but almost extinct!  Perhaps a little attention and trouble are worth it to obtain that lovely something in your own family- the effect of dressing up!

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