Monday, December 30, 2013

A Weekend In Feminine Dress: 37 Week Update

   A Weekend In Feminine Dress is when I post pictures of myself or a friend wearing a modest, feminine outfit!  This is simply to encourage other women to adopt feminine dress as an apostolate and realize the influence that outward ornamentation has over the soul.
   Merry Christmas, dear readers, since it is still Christmas for awhile yet!  Please accept my sincere wishes for season full of Our Lady's choicest blessings!
   I apologize for not posting much lately, but perhaps the below picture can help to explain why...  I have enjoyed what seems like a very busy Christmas between attending Mass, giving and receiving gifts, visiting many relatives and friends and trying to keep my children on their regular schedule.
 Yes, that is a crib in our living room next to the Christmas tree and a John Deere tractor too:)
Anyway, here is what I wore yesterday.  This beautiful top I bought from Kohls for Christmas and I absolutely love it.  I am wearing a black camisole underneath it to make the neckline a little more comfortable; the ruffles on the top are adorable!  The black and white skirt is my first real maternity skirt (that I did not make) from a very good friend of mine who recently gave me some of her modest maternity clothing.  It is from Motherhood Maternity.


I'm Wearing:
Black Top- Kohl's
Camisole- Walmart
Skirt- Motherhood Maternity
Necklace and Earrings- Kohl's (Christmas gift from my husband!)
Watch and Bracelet- Gifts
Brown Flats- Payless
Scarf- Sister
Jacket- Gabriel Bothers, Merona brand from Target


  1. You are looking gorgeous - I love that black top - black goes with so many things, I like to wear it with red or add a brightly coloured scarf.


  2. You look very feminine and beautiful! That black looks great on you. I can not wear black because i am just so pale and fair skinned/green eyes.


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