Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

I have a surprise for you this week and that is these two photos of some friends who decided to help me out with A Weekend in Feminine Dress!  I absolutely love the dresses and I really appreciate including their brother as well since fine dressing is not only about ladies!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this!  I included the message their father sent along with the photos:
"Here are two photos of some of my family taken before Midnight Mass
on Christmas Eve.  Sorry about the closed eyes.

    From the left is my daughter Mariana who purchased her dress at
Dillards an apartments store a little nicer than Macy's.  It was too
short but my wife sewed a wide black ribbon to the hem.  Next is
Margaret who received this dress or at least half of it from Mariana as
a Christmas gift.  Her dress was also purchased at Dillards.  It was too
low, but she added some fabric and voila a beautiful what she calls her
Grace Kelly dress.  In the center is my eldest daughter Katie, who
receives good hand me downs from a dear friend. Finally, is Anthony in
his suit that was given to him by Katie for Christmas.  I don't know
where she purchased it.

    My daughters believe that there is a Downton Abbey effect in
clothing.  They haven't found dresses this nice at either Macy's or
Dillards in years."

Thank you!!!

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