Friday, January 3, 2014

On Indoctrinating Daughters

         I have found myself saying things to my daughter more than once that would seem to most people to be indoctrination.  I think that other mothers probably do this too because we feel inside us a love of femininity that we intrinsically want our daughters to know too.

       Anyway, an example is the other day after dinner when Beatrice was quite dirty (unfortunately, not a very ladylike situation) and she really needed a bath.  As I poured bubbles under the faucet and undressed her, I found myself saying quite unconsciously, "Don't you just love bubble baths?  All ladies do!"

      Indoctrinating daughters with femininity is in fact just teaching them who they are.  Femininity is an art that must be learned and passed on from mother to daughter.

      What is femininity?  It is a sharp contrast to masculinity, a softness, a lightness, a delicacy which comes naturally to those of a female nature.  In clothing, speech, movements, activities and ideas even, these things are very much emphasized.  This is femininity.

      It is such a simple and beautiful thing to see women express femininity.  However, today being feminine is often replaced with "being sexy", both of which I honestly think some girls take to mean the same thing.  Obviously, there is a vast difference between the two consisting in intentionally loving the natural charms of a Catholic lady and merely bragging about the fact that one is a woman.

      Indoctrinating our daughters with femininity should not be neglected!  Indoctrination is really just the sound teaching of doctrine and since femininity is quite appropriate to a girl's nature, it stands to reason that she should learn it and love it!



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  1. It also works with our sons - teaching them how to treat a lady (in this case, his sister).


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