Thursday, February 20, 2014

On Shoes

Shoes have an amazing ability to influence attitude and personality.  For example, tennis shoes usually define an athlete while heels can precipitate elegance.  I know because I have lived in both.

I began with the former.  I played softball and basketball throughout all of my school years, from the age of seven or eight until I graduated from high school.  When I wasn't actually playing in a game I was at practice or sitting on the bench with other girls, strong athletic girls who had never worn a dress or high heels in their life.  Cleats were what we lived in and tennis shoes or Adidas sandals after practice.  I actually remember one of those cute, tomboyish cheers that we used to chant out from the dugout benches saying, "We don't wear no miniskirts, all we wear are socks and shirts"!  Since neither one of these attires are preferable, I am not altogether proud that the tomboy in me as a child won over the sleazy teenager.

It was not until I met an inspirational and elegant girl when I was sixteen that my attitude towards footwear was influenced- and changed dramatically.

I had worn heels before, on Easter or to a wedding, but I did not know how to behave when I had them on.  I had always felt weird, like someone acting a different personality.  I didn't know how to walk.  But seeing how my friend wore her pretty shoes so graciously, it was with a new attitude that I approached them now.

I actually shopped for elegant shoes, something I had never bought in my life.  I wanted shoes that would contribute to my new desire to become a lady, a Catholic lady, a person who wanted to be simply myself, how God had made me!  I actually practiced walking in pretty shoes with a book on my head and tried hard to walk straight and tall, not in the casual attitude that sports had taught me.

This was not easy.  It took time to get used to wearing dresses and pretty, delicate shoes instead of the tennis shoes and oversized tee shirts I was used to.  But it felt good and I finally found out who I was!  I was altogether more comfortable in these "restrictive" shoes than I was in "comfortable" shoes before.

Now when I look around and notice women walking around in UGGs, I cannot help but think how these shoes define those woman as trying to be popular and nothing more.  When I see cute little girls wearing tennis shoes and sports apparel I cringe.  They are on a certain path to despising their own femininity and becoming sad unfeminine creatures.

So, maybe it is not practical to walk around in glass slippers like Cinderella.  I am not saying that a lady has to wear uncomfortable shoes!  But at least think about your footwear; think about what you are telling yourself with your shoes.  Do you want to be a lady or something foreign to your nature?  Which personality will make you happy, which does the world need to function properly, and which does God desire you to be?

The Catholic Lady?

There are very few left who will bear the "uncomfortable" and "unfashionable" qualities of a Catholic Lady's footwear.  Not that they have to be so.  (There are comfortable and elegant shoes out there, even ones that work for running!)

God help us!  Society is intentionally rejecting the simple identity of the shoe.

Where is this leading?


  1. I wish I could wear heels more often (and so does my husband!), but they hurt - really really hurt - my feet. Maybe there's something weird about my feet, but I just feel as if they were not made to be comfortable in most shoes! Also, I wear size 11, which is not only difficult to find, but makes many shoes look clown-like because they're just so big :-(. I spend the summer barefoot as much as possible, and the winter in slippers around the house (and flats when I go out). I've been keeping an eye out for some sort of pretty strappy leather flats for the summer...I see other girls wearing that type with skirts, and they look so nice!

    1. I understand; I do not actually wear heels hardly at all now, but I have some really cute flat shoes that are feminine. I think that pretty black flat shoes can look really nice with skirts!

    2. One thing I've learned is, cheap shoes will make your feet hurt. I've never had a good nice pair of shoes hurt my feet. I don't buy cheap shoes, the better the quality, the longer they last. And by cheap I'm talking under $30.

      Shoes should be bought new too. If bought used, those shoes were "broken in" by someone else, (molded to that person's feet). and really, not very sanitary either. The most toxic sweat comes off our feet. Pretty much any other article of clothing can be bought used. But buy new shoes. Make an investment in your feet, they will thank you for it!!

  2. Christine, are you my lost twin? LOL! I wear 10.5 - 11 also, and I know EXACTLY what you mean about shoes often looking just silly in the big sizes. Many a time I've seen a cute pair of shoes, but then when I pull out my size the cuteness seems to evaporate. Also, I'm rather tall and often the "feminine, pretty" shoes have heels that make me three inches taller than hubby! ugh. Then... true confession here.. my feet are long, skinny and have visible veins. I really don't like how they look, simply not cute little size 6 lady feet. Perhaps that is pride speaking, but I've always felt more comfy covering them up.

    Having said all that...this post really struck home. I basically live in sneakers, and my most comfy pair is the most unlady like pair of shoes you could imagine. I know my attire isn't nearly as feminine as it could be, and this has bothered me for quite some time.

    1. Thanks for your feedback!!! I absolutely agree with you about height. I usually wear flat shoes actually since heels make me so tall too. But it is possible to find cute flat shoes like maryjanes that can be worn with comfy knee socks under a skirt; that's what I usually do in the winter!

  3. I have major problems buying shoes. Joggers and/or tennis shoes are a must for me at times. Here is why:

    Also my shoe collection is here

    LOVE your blog ;)

  4. I don't think one needs to wear high-heeled shoes to be considered a lady. In fact, I actually disapprove of these type of shoes because they are so uncomfortable and place the feet in an unnatural position (which a negative impact on your back and feet). God gave us two feet to be firmly planted on the floor! One shouldn't suffer merely to walk. I also think it promotes a false ideal of what femininity is; that is, that "feminine" means prissy (pencil skirt and high heels). A sort of Barbie, if you will. Both forms of apparel are a relatively modern fashion, actually. European women have not historically dressed that way. I would also venture to say that stilettos, an exaggerated form of the high-heeled shoe) is actually IMMODEST, insofar as it is very provocative, attention-seeking, and forces a woman to walk and hold a posture that is highly sexualized (which of course is it's intention).

    Ladies, looking after a house and children is a lot of work; may I humbly suggest that you do it in a feminine and comfortable, rather than contrived, manner.



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