Friday, February 28, 2014

Skirt-up Lenten Challenge


"This Lent, we invite you to journey with us at Feminine Genius Inc. as we offer up the comforts of wearing pants and choose to wear skirts as an act of reparation for women.  You may choose to participate just one day a week, Fridays, or go all out and this be your sacrifice for all of Lent
We are not saying that wearing pants is bad or un-feminine; it is possible to be modest and feminine in pants. However, we feel that wearing skirts is a way that we can very overtly express,in a world which so harshly rejects authentic femininity, that we are women who love every bit of how God created us.
Throughout Lent, each week, we will offer up our sacrifice for certain women or groups of women who have either rejected their authentic selves and are leading other women astray (think Cecile Richards), women who have been abused, sex-trafficked, in abusive marriages, etc.  We will post the intention of the week every Wednesday here on this page...."

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