Monday, March 31, 2014

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress!  This is when I post pictures of myself or a volunteer wearing a modest outfit to encourage women to take up the rewarding apostolate of feminine dress!  If you want to submit your pictures, please contact me at:

Here are my pictures taken in an ugly bathroom but showing my outfit nonetheless.  I tried to mix it up a little today by changing the colors in some of the pictures!  I love this outfit since a shrug seems to me to be so incredibly southern...!  And I am wearing my new pearls that my sweet husband got me as a combination birthday and St. Valentine's day gift this year!



Top- Dress Barn
Shrug- Gabriel Brothers
Black Skirt- Gabriel Brothers
Shoes- Payless
Necklace- Gift
Earrings- I don't remember
Headband- my sister

Thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

  1. This is a beautiful dress....I really like it! It also looks very lovely on you! =D

    Ashley B.
    Like No Other Fashion


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