Monday, March 10, 2014

More for A Weekend In Feminine Dress

Here is more for A Weekend In Feminine Dress!  I think that Mrs. Gordon is a really beautiful example of modest and feminine dressing!!

Hi Mrs. Zimmerman,
I was inspired by your photos and those submitted by other lovely women, so I decided to submit a few of my own.  It is a challenge to find clothes that are both modest, comfortable, and pretty, but I like a challenge. : ) The denim shirt and brown skirt were thrift store finds. The shirt has fancy metal buttons and a cinch tie at the waist which dress it up.  I can wear different shirts underneath for color. This is an “everyday” outfit of mine.  Another “everyday” outfit is the long denim skirt from Chadwicks with a sweater from a consignment store.  On cold winter days, I almost always opt for tall leather boots when I go out. They just keep me warm. The last picture is with my husband.  We are getting ready to leave for a Twelfth Night Ball that we coordinated for area home-schooled teens and adult folk dancers. Although the photo is kind of dark, I am wearing a tea-length sleeveless gown in teal, with a silver sweater.  The dress was from a seller on ebay and the sweater came from Macy’s this past fall. Flowing chiffon skirts are fabulous for dancing and I tend to like darker colors for formalwear! The bracelets in the pictures came from Crafts 2000. I hope shrugs never go out of style, because they help make modern formalwear more modest and comfortable without adding unnecessary bulk. God bless the work you do to further modesty and all things truly feminine.
-Val Gordon


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