Friday, April 11, 2014

A Good Article: Liberals "War on Women"

"Thou shalt defend the weak and make thyself their protector.” – From the Ten Commandments of Chivalry

Leftists constantly remind the world about how much they care for the “oppressed classes,” while accusing conservatives of striving to perpetuate their “exploitation.” One such group that liberals claim to defend is women and during the 2012 Presidential campaign, the media loudly denounced the so-called war on women supposedly being waged by conservatives..."
But liberals’ cynical hypocrisy was exposed for all to see on January 24 when outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced, without any public debate or forewarning, that he was lifting the 1994 Pentagon ban on women serving in direct combat positions. Women will now be allowed to serve as infantry, tankers, fighter pilots, platoon commanders, and the thousands of other positions that expose them to direct enemy fire. Yet the same media and liberal establishment that decried the Romney campaign’s “war on women” were elated with the decision.

Just as the “war on women” has nothing to do with true femininity and everything to do with the promotion of abortion, contraception, and homosexual sin, so also the push to allow women in combat has nothing to do with “military readiness” or “combat effectiveness” and everything to do with “the dictatorship of equality.” The clamor for equality goes so far that its proponents are more than willing to sacrifice the dignity, honor and the very lives of America’s daughters, wives, and mothers on the battlefield rather than admit the reality that men and women are not equal. Indeed, the left is truly engaged in a “war on women,” an ideological war that declares its utter rejection of human nature and the natural inequalities between the sexes. Their war is a total one and aims to burn to the ground the last remnants of chivalry and the true expression of masculinity and femininity..."

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