Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On Posture

Posture is very important for a Catholic Lady.

I came across this illustration in an old book called, The Girl's Book of Sewing, (a real treasure).  It shows two girls sewing, one sitting straight and the other slouching with the caption, "Beware of the sewing slouch!"

Some good advice on posture from the Girl's Book of Sewing by Jane Chapman

It continues, "Good light and good posture can do wonders for your sewing and disposition!"  I was intrigued when I thought about the disposition part.  What exactly does that mean?

Can this mean that good posture can influence not only the work, but the attitude and mood for better or worse?  Perhaps that a bad mood can be caused by too much time slouched over the sewing or- more likely- the computer or cell phone?  Maybe that our modern day epidemic of depression is due in part to posture as well as to poor diet and fickle relationships?!  Can it actually be as important to pay attention to posture as well as to dress?


Just like wearing a skirt and high heels can influence a lady's soul, so can the way she walks in them.  Not curled up on the couch but sitting straight with her feet on the floor...  (Please note that I am no exception.)

I find this concept incredible.  Surely it can do an immense amount of good for those who contemplate it.  Good posture is something that people used to understand and society was all the better for it.  The way that we sit, stand and walk is just as likely to influence disposition as dress.

How do you keep from slouching?

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