Friday, May 2, 2014

Babies in Dresses

I have two baby girls, Beatrice who is one and a half years old and Rebecca who is four months.  Both of them have worn dresses as much as possible since they were born and here are some reasons why:

-Being a lady.  They get used to the idea that dresses define them and there is something very right and natural in this idea.  Dresses speak of elegance and delicacy, qualities naturally present in young girls that need to be developed in the protected environment of the home.

-Modesty.  Although modesty in dress is usually not necessary in the sense of protecting chastity for babies, it is important to teach baby girls this virtue so that they will be used to it when they are older.  A little girl who gets used to wearing a skirt will be more likely to understand without much fuss the importance of covering herself tactfully in the presence of others to avoid the near occasion of sin.
-Security.  Putting a dress on a baby girl helps her tremendously in feeling secure with who she is.  In a world like we live in today, this is something that cannot be stressed enough.  Children are taught to be insecure with their gender and personality by the schools and media and friends who present ideas of unnatural equality to them. Girls who are taught from a young age to embrace their femininity will be much more likely to become well-rounded women who are full of character and comfortable in their own skin.
-Friends.  My husband and I met because of what I was wearing- literally!  He noticed my at a picnic because I was the only one of a group of girls wearing a dress and he immediately formed some mythical image of surreal elegance and femininity of me (which of course I have probably destroyed by now)!  I certainly want my daughters to present themselves to the world as virtuous and beautiful women who are different than the crowd!
-Manners and Behavior.  Feminists devote time to bashing dresses mainly because of the fact that they are restrictive.  I do not believe that the Catholic lady should try to deny this!  Dresses are restrictive and they are made to be so.  They naturally encourage a girl to act like a lady and avoid those activities that are unladylike.  So in my opinion, don't try to make dresses into sporting clothes.  Instead, accept their restrictiveness and learn to behave like a lady.
These are just some ideas I had.  Please add yours and let me know what you think!



  1. I agree! I'm glad you addressed the "restriction" issue. While it is true, it is likely a sweet cross that God intends to help us grow in the feminine virtues God wants us to develop, booth for ourselves and as an example to our neighbor. If I am blessed with rt he care of more girls, I will probably choose to dres them in dresses most often. Just based on my own experience as a child who only dressed femininely occasionally, I would assume its easier to handle the restrictions if a girl is accustomed to the idea from the beginning.

  2. I love this, and I'm planning for both baby and me to wear skirts most/all? of the time :-) (Right now I pretty much have to wear jeans on weekdays, but I am quitting my job on Thursday so that will soon change!) Anyway... I found this tutorial for making simple little baby skirts, and plan to make a handful for baby to wear with all of the onesies she has! Thought you might be interested too--


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