Monday, May 5, 2014

On Trends

There have been many trends throughout my lifetime like dinosaurs, Beanie Babies, Pokémon and the Macarena.  Those are pretty much gone now and been replaced by skinny jeans, The Hunger Games, maxi dresses and dancing to "Let it Go" from the movie Frozen.

Needless to say, these trends are usually not good.

Some of the most evil trends I've seen are zombie related.  This sticker can be seen on the back of cars.

It is disturbing to say the least.

Another one is the goth trend.  I saw a girl in Target a few weeks ago who looked something like this.  Someone asked to take her picture in the checkout line.

The sad thing was she couldn't have been older than fifteen.  Her mom looked resigned and a little sad.

A milder, Victorian version of the zombie/Gothic look is the Steampunk.  And from what I understand, this fad seems to be gaining popularity.

There is something similarly dark about all of these trends.  And that something is twisted and creepy.  It is identified by spiked hair, heavy metal and the color black.

All this reminds me of the disgusting displays of gory humanity that surround people's houses and cars and persons at Halloween.  Are we going to be made to see this all year long now?  Are zombies, Goths and Steampunks going to invade our civilization?  Why are people so obsessed with murder and cannibalism and the living dead?

There is a dark and fascinating appeal that acts as a trademark for things demonic.  Demonic black masses often include human sacrifice and cannibalism.  Besides being disgustingly perverted, zombie behavior (which includes eating people) is a sort of blasphemy of the human person, created in God's image and likeness.

I have no doubt that fashions are in the realm of Satan's influence.

Trends express the moral direction that a nation is headed.  And darkness is not a good direction.

What do you think?


  1. Oh, that's so very sad....As a teenager I've seen the rising popularity of zombies and gothics. The local school even had "Zombie Day" where everyone was told to dress up like one. Those are the times I'm reminded how lucky I am to be home-schooled!

  2. I have to say, there are a few elements of the steampunk fashion that appeal to me...mostly in a "costume drama" kind of way. But I think it's supremely silly for people to basically "play dress up" and live out a character role all the time.

    I mostly try to avoid *anything* that I can tell is just a passing trend or fashion. Even ones that seem pretty harmless (such as the arabesque design that is popping up in every single textile these days: All these things will look so dated at some point. It's best to stick with styles that are classic and timeless.

  3. Steampunk has nothing at all to do with goth or darkness. Steampunk is a genre based on an alternative science fiction world in which steam power gained early access in the Victorian era. The idea is a blend of science and Victorian. It can get immodest, but it's not evil, Satanic or dark like Goth tends to be.

    1. Maybe not technically, but the resemblance is there. Try looking up steampunk zombie or heavy metal steampunk... It's often mixed with creepy things. I bet this Halloween we will see a lot of creepy steampunks.


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