Monday, May 19, 2014

Tips for Hot Weather Elegance

There are a few things that help me out when it comes to hot weather and *trying* to dress elegantly.  I have outlined them below:
Stay in the shade!

Avoid the beach or dress in regular clothes when visiting it!

Wear longer sleeves and lighter fabric!
Wear hats!

Don't be afraid to wear a summer cardigan to make that summer dress more modest!
What are your tips for dressing with elegance in the hot weather?


  1. hmm...stay in the shade for sure. And I pin my hair way-way up so that absolutely none of it touches my forehead or neck. I look for outfits that *don't* need layers (such as a cami underneath or a cardigan on top), to reduce the bulk.

  2. I live in Arizona where it gets very hot and dry. I have noticed more and more ladies are starting to carry umbrellas to shade them from the sun. I actually see more umbrellas during the summer than any other time. (We get very little rain here). And yes if you are wondering I carry a very colorful elegant umbrella.


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