Monday, June 2, 2014

A Challenge!!!

For centuries Christian women went through life
dressed like this.  Are you strong enough to do it?

Dear faithful readers of The Catholic Lady Blog,

I have a challenge for you!

I am hosting "A Week In Feminine Dress" which means you are challenged to wear modest, elegant clothing for an entire week, photograph your endeavor, and submit the photographs to my blog for publication!  The object is to encourage more women to dress like a "Catholic Lady".  Please consider joining the "Week In Feminine Dress" challenge!

Here are the rules:

No pants, shorts, flip flops, low necklines, sleeveless tops, tight clothing, short skirts (showing the knee), or anything that you find questionable!  Dress like you would imagine a true Catholic Lady to dress.

Submit your photos to me via sometime before June 30!

Even if no one else volunteers, I will be posting pictures of me and my daughters for your encouragement and perusal!  It is possible to spend an entire week in feminine dress!

I hope you join me!

Colette Zimmerman


  1. Do we wait till the end of the week to submit them all together? Are sandals ok? I live in my sandals during the summer when I'm not barefoot. If not, maybe I'll just crop off my feet. ;)

    1. Yes; please send all your photos together (seven days of outfits). Yes; sandals are fine!

  2. I'm going to do it and see if I can get a few friends and family to do it too

  3. I did this last year, and I'll try to take some photos again (I like to *think* I dress this way every day, but I'm sure sometimes I'm not quite up to these standards)! I hope you don't mind the bare feet again, because I simply don't wear shoes when I'm at home :-)

    1. Bare feet are fine! I am hoping to get some pictures! :)

  4. Hi! I was just wondering - I am a 14 year old girl (my name is Cecilia) and I really want to do the challenge, but I had a question about the shoe requirements (because the rules state NO flip flops): I have some really nice flip flop style church shoes (they look like this ), but that is all I have besides some sneakers, as I live in the country and I am the oldest of 7, so I would pretty much destroy any other type of shoes. Can I still participate? :)
    P. S. I love this blog! It is really cool, and though I DO wear jeans (dad has to approve them first, they cannot be clingy), but I love everything this blog has to offer. Keep up the good work! :D

    -Cecilia Ellis

    1. And sorry about the name "Crazy Hobo Guy", LOL I don't know how to change it back to my other account. Crazy Hobo Guy was a character I had to make a blog for in school. :)
      Just in case you're wondering about the weird name :)

    2. Hello Cecilia! Sorry for not responding yet. Of course I would love to have your photos, any shoes are fine! Just send them to: before June 30. Thank you for wanting to participate! I look forward to your photos!!


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