Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Week In Feminine Dress Challenge: Mrs. Valleri Gordon

Well, let's celebrate!  Mrs. Gordon sent us some more beautiful and inspirational photos for the Week In Feminine Dress Challenge!  She seems to occupy herself with the most enjoyable and elegant activities, so I decided to include part of her message below:

"...The one where I am in red and white is what I wore to Mass on Pentecost.  All items were thrift, except shoes which were payless. I feel cheap saying that, but I would have never found something as modest and affordable in the regular stores.
The two of me in a green/rose bud peasant blouse was on a day that I was just doing normal household things and picking strawberries in our little garden. This is my first successful attempt at making a peasant blouse using the epattern book I bought from Practically Pretty by Design!  I did have to make a few alterations to the pattern to make it longer and I put some elastic in the back to cinch it a little.  Otherwise the pattern is very well done and I am happy to now be able to make more when I am inspired by some fabric.  The hat was from the Dollar tree.  I like it because it is small.  It isn’t very elegant, but works for yard chores.
I ordered a couple nice hats from amazon and am excited to show you them soon. : )
The last photo of me in the aqua blouse is what I wore to teach my English Country Class on Tuesday.  Normally, I stay away from sleeves this short, I just don’t feel right in them, but the AC wasn’t working at the studio and I knew we were going to have a crowd in the classroom, so I decided I needed to stay as cool as possible."

If you have photos for Week In Feminine Dress, please send them to:
Thank you!


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