Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend in Feminine Dress: Identity

At a Forth of July party last week I had a conversation with two good friends about the difficulty of finding modest AND feminine clothes for their eleven year old daughters.  In my opinion, they are just getting into the hardest years to dress since there is really very little offered in the way of modest, elegant options for teenagers these days.

For the Catholic Lady, the first thing that should be identified with clothing is femininity!  And considering the problems we have with sexual equality today, femininity in itself is a huge apostolate.

Going beyond femininity is the next step.  Clothing can identify more about a person than his or her gender as I expressed in my article Your Clothes Say It For You  Clothing can tell a story, as it often did in the past, about the culture, the temperament and the very essence of the people who wear it.

When a friend sent me these photos taken at a conference in Florida, I was very excited to incorporate them below.  There are still women who dress to represent themselves!  Wouldn't it be great if more women viewed clothing from this perspective instead of searching through the department stores in vain for something ladylike?  What about those precious young girls whose mothers want to dress them well??





Togo, West Africa
Germany (this is me!)
What do you think about clothing and identity?

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  1. The Pittsburgh Oratory posted some old photos on their website today, some of which really had me longing to go back in time. Check out this picture from sometime in the early 80s (I think) - and another similar one a couple photos later. The women are all in modest dresses. Not because the women had to hunt and scrounge to find them, or because they had to resort to sewing them themselves...but because that's what was actually sold in the stores!! It is nearly impossible to find a modern dress that even has *sleeves*.


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