Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Weekend In Feminine Dress: Wear to a Wedding

Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress!  This is when I share photos of an elegant outfit to encourage women in the apostolate of dress!  If you want to send me pictures of your modest, feminine ensemble to share here with other ladies, please do so at: thecatholiclady@gmail.com.
Many women use weddings as an excuse to scandalously parade the latest fashion trends.  Why not instead promote modesty and elegance with something breathtakingly beautiful???

It is easier said than done, I will admit!  This has been a season of weddings for us and I have made two dresses so far, one worn twice.  Hats are so proper at weddings and speak so clearly of traditional values, an invaluable opportunity for the Catholic Lady in my opinion!

Here is what I wore to my sister's wedding on Saturday:

I'm Wearing:
Dress- I made, from New Look pattern 6184, some changes (added sleeves)
White Lace Cardigan- I made from Vogue pattern 8885, some changes
Hat- Kmart, years ago
Shoes- Payless, a year ago
Pearls- Gift
And here is what I wore to my brother-in-law's wedding:

I'm Wearing:
Dress- I made from Vogue pattern 8872, some changes (skirt is gathered, neckline is brought up)
Black Lace Bolero- Consignment
Hat- e4hats.com
Shoes- Nine West
Pearls- Gift


  1. I love hats--they are so classic and feminine! And they really add an air of sophistication to a pretty dress. The black hat in the second outfit is just fabulous!

  2. Love your style and especially your hats; I love them, especially for weddings


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