Friday, August 8, 2014

Personality in Flowers

I drove through some local neighborhoods this morning on my way to Mass and noticed the great variety of flowers that decorate people's homes.  There were annuals, perennials, fancy greenery and flowering trees, all in a great variety of color and quantity.  They all said something about the people who lived there.  Even outside the funeral parlor someone had unexpectedly planted a bunch of pink annuals.  I thought how the flowers people choose to decorate their gardens represent- to a greater or lesser degree- their personalities.

What is personality?

A collection of qualities that form someone's character, including religion, ethnicity, nationality, heritage and temperament.

I have a sensitive, sympathetic temperament and have been an analyzer since I was little.  I remembered today how I used to sit in the pew with my family and watch the Mass goers from day to day.  I would make up stories about their lives and imagine all sorts of wonderful and awful things that occurred based on their changing deportment, attire and attitude (and how they struck my fancy).

You might imagine this would make me an ideal writer of a novel, or a hopeless romantic (which I might be at heart).  But I think that such a skill can be used in more relevant and important ways.  Why not analyze things to teach the soul deeper perception?

The Catholic Lady should be someone who sees the evil in tendencies long before they become concrete doctrine.  She should also know the pleasant things that are likely to inspire goodness.  But remember, everything is not black and white!  There are little things to analyze too!  For herself, she should be able to know what colors best complement her complexion or what manner of conversation best suits her situation in life.  As a wife, she should know her husband's preferences and interests in every aspect of life.  As mother of a family, she should be able to know that a certain piece of music, home d├ęcor item or television program is leading her family in the wrong direction.


Did you ever notice how the bountiful, vivid flowers on their porch represent the sanguine family inside?  How his trellises of wild roses inspire heroic dreams for the author?  Those window boxes full of geraniums represent the efficiency and order of your neighbor's German heritage!  That telling English garden, walls and fountain are all too representative of British discipline!  Didn't you know that the bubbly, romantic old widow relies on her Shabby Chic garden with the whimsical knick knacks and black-eyed Susans to keep her going every day?

You see, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to know a little about a person before ever knocking on their door!

Maybe people need to take time to analyze.  Learn to perceive tendencies.  Sometimes, being ourselves takes knowing ourselves first.  What flower is yours?  If you don't know, ask yourself: who are you?  Maybe you need to think about your religion, ethnicity, nationality, heritage and temperament!  Start training today!

What do you think??

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