Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Catholic Lady in Contrast

Princess Grace of Monaco with her daughter.                  Insecurity and loneliness lead only to depression.

The Catholic Lady knows the peace that comes with kneeling before the Blessed Virgin altar and the sweet innocence of children who are in a secure Christian family.  She knows the tremendous reassurance of the Easter Day Alleluia and the healing power of the Sacraments.  These things are just examples of the tremendous grace available to the Catholic Lady.

Women who lack this grace are insecure, lonely and often depressed.

What began this great disparity in the things we value as women?  Why is it that Catholic ladies enjoy such comfort while their friends are discussing divorce after being married little over a decade?  Even during times of suffering the variation of happiness between those with principles and those without is shocking.  Of course no one expects to be relieved of suffering entirely; but when we cannot see it's value, how can we be expected to bear it?  Character cannot be built on nothing.

A society without God is becoming a society without purpose.  Maybe there are those traditional values that still hang on; but when people stop to think about it, they realize how little they are willing to do for something they really don't believe in anymore.  People increasingly turn to evil to replace this lack of good.

Who thinks it is time for the Catholic Lady to step in?

What can she do?

Give the world children who have principles that are based on objective truth.  Give society back it's God and thus it's purpose.

What do you think?

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