Thursday, September 25, 2014

On Fall Fashion

When it comes to fashion, Fall is my favorite season to dress!  I absolutely LOVE the deep warm colors, the plaids, and the fair isle knits!  It is a pleasant coincidence that with cooler weather usually comes more modest clothing.

I put together a few inspirational picture ideas below and I would love you to contribute with your favorite Fall ideas!  Please let us know what brings Fall into your life in the comments below!

Fall is nothing without British Country Clothing:

Perfect Fall Style in my opinion is Emilia Fox's wardrobe in the Acorn Media documentary The Queen.

Austrian and German dress is not any less romantic in an Autumn setting!
Yes, a burgundy paisley scarf is quite necessary.


And once you're dressed, enjoy the weather!

Princess Beatrice is such a lovely example of cool weather elegance in this photo!
Here is a really cute idea for all those adorable baby pumpkins at the grocery store.
Or the table.  Thanksgiving?

And a cozy fireplace is SO necessary for these shorter evenings...
Last of all, do not neglect the hand knitted socks.  I've done it and it is worth all thirty hours of tiny needles!


  1. I have a few tweed skirts I'm excited to break out - with boots, of course!

  2. I cannot wait for fall to begin around here. We had a few teaser days a couple of weeks ago where it got down into the upper 50s, but since then it had been solidly in the upper 60s-70s. Today the bank clock said it was 83!

    Fall fashion really is my favorite kind-- perhaps a sign of my deep-seated Anglophilia. And the links you provided were simply lovely, exactly what I would buy had I the money.

  3. This is just beautiful and inspirational! I too love fall best. I once read in a book (I think it was something written by C. S. Lewis) that in heaven all the trees are in their fall colors because those are their true colors -the green of chlorophyll masking this on earth in the summer. If this is true, won't that be wonderful!!!???


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