Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Sticking Out Like a Sore Thumb

Christian mothers are very, very persecuted.  I have just been finding out the extent of this persecution recently.

I go to the grocery store, to the doctor, to the post office and everywhere the comment is, "Wow!  You really have your hands full!  How close together are they?  Are you going to have any more?"  Some people smile at little children and are gratified to see a little sanity left in the world in the form of my "large" family, others are absolutely scandalized that I have "chosen" to have three children and they feel they must share these feelings with me and warn me not to have any more (children) for the sake of my health, our finances and at the "expense" of society.  I think the latter response is partially due to the fact that these people assume every child is going to public school and taking advantage of every government grant and they believe the propaganda that babies must be born via planned surgery and thus destroy the mother's health.

So many lies!

We are fed this religion of "tolerance" in regard to any horrible sin or blasphemy and then when it comes to Christianity, the tables are turned on us.  There is no tolerance for Christian families.

We bother people.

This is a very good sign.  It means that we are doing something right.  We can have Christian pride in what we do.  Christian pride is necessary to endure these assaults on our rights as children of God and Christian parents.  Furthermore, we have grace.  We admit that life cannot be planned.  We submit to Divine Providence and we have the guidance and reassurance of tradition and the Church.  Revolutionaries are obsessed with planning everything, from their children to their death and thus they are morbidly superficial, motivated by fear, and often suicidal.

I will tell you what is a scandal and absolute child abuse: denying children a natural mother and father and neglecting their Christian education.  This type of horrible situation is occurring everywhere.  In-vitro fertilization is a common measure to "cure" infertility.  So called "gay couples" are legally allowed to adopt and "raise" children.  They are even allowed to give birth to children by insane and abusive measures.  There are numerous examples of this unspeakable horror.  Then there are "sex education" classes in grade schools that teach children lies that no one needs to know.  There are hormone and sex changes that are given to underage children to "switch" their gender.  They are allowed to dress and act like the opposite sex.  A great majority of these children commit suicide before they are adults or undergo multiple surgeries and psychological treatments to find out "who they really are".  This extreme neglect and perversion is demonic child abuse.  These are the poor children who need to be rescued.

Truth is objective.  Everyone deserves the truth.

Christians bother people for having children and raising them in a safe, holy environment.  We stick out like a sore thumb for doing so.  But who is the sane one in this picture?  Christians for accepting truth and elevating our human nature to the divine restraint of God's laws, or those people who reject every institution and prefer their unnatural fancies and chaotic anarchy.

We need to vehemently oppose and enlighten ignorant people as to the ACTUAL child abuse that is going on in our midst, protected by law and public institutions.

What do you think?


  1. I just lost my entire comment which was a huge paragraph and I'm trying not to cry, lol. Bottom line: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    1. Aww! I wish I could have read it. Thanks for the response!

  2. God bless you and your family with many more children!
    Im a Catholic convert and when I finally found the one true faith eight years ago with God´s grace, it was too late for getting more children so I only have one son.

    When I was 14 I was brainwashed in a German public school back in the 70´s that it is irresponsible for Europeans to have children too because the people in the third world get far too many children for our earth to feed. I believed every word our teacher told us.

    Now I know that this and all you described above (LGBT etc.) was and is part of the plan of the United Nations how to reduce the population worldwide (via UNESCO they reigned and reign the schools worldwide too. Their first Director, Sir Julian Huxley was the grandson of "Darwin´s bulldog" and an atheist, evolutionist and eugenist. His Brother Aldous wrote "Brave new world" which was no prophecy but the elitist plan).

    The work of Joan Veon who attended more than 100 UN-meetings helped me to understand this. She has written two books which I highly recommend and here are her articles:

    There are many very informative videos too, for example this one:
    At min 0:46 she explains agenda 21 which states that people are destroying the earth and from min 0:48 she explains that family planning, abortion, homosexuality, wars, famines etc are means to reduce the population.

    Without the UN there would be no worldwide abortion and LGBT. One only has to type in "LGBT UN" and it is astonishing what google then presents, for example this video:

    BTW, that the people you meet are so concerned with your "maternal health" is UN-agitprop too. "Maternal health" UN-style means access to contraceptives, abortion and sterilisation for all women and all are brainwashed that this is the new normal and a "human right".

  3. This is a great post. I hope you can develop it more in future posts. When society is as corrupt as ours, persecution is a sign that you are doing something right. Liberals are hypocrites. They talk all about "choice" but then attack people who choose to have more than 2.1 children. They attack men who choose to dress nicely. Such persecution is a sign that their consciences bother them and the only way to assuage it is to attack the good.

    1. I definitely agree. The only people not tolerated are Christians and especially counter-revolutionaries. I can just imagine what you have to deal with in the TFP. We would love to visit with you sometime, our conversations are always so refreshing!! Keep up the good work.


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